How to Use: Therapeutic Back Arch

Positioning and Recommendations:

1 - Top of arch in between shoulder blades for Pranayama or breathing practices.  Allows the chest to be opened while breathing deeply.  This will give more space for oxygen to fill the chest.  From this position one can begin with chest breathing, belly breathing or alternating between the two.

2 - Place pillow on the arch and use like bolster, providing extra comfort.

3 - Use as block under sacrum, legs up, creating an inversion and reverse of blood flow.

4 - Reverse the body and place top of arch under lower back, placing the rest of the back downwards.  This provides a proper arch for the lower back.

5 - Slide up or down arch.  Begin in one position and every few minutes slide down (or up) the arch to create a new position for the back. 

6 - Place the back of head on top of arch to create a bit of pressure for the back of the head.

7 – Place the back as you desire on the arch and then lift the legs onto either a bolster or blankets to give some lift for the legs.  This is meant to help relax and relieve stress in the lower back.

8 – Place a pillow underneath the head as you lay back onto the arch to give extra support for the head.  Pillows or folded towels or blankets can also be placed under the arms and elbows if the opening for the chest is too much. 

    therapeutic back arch