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What is Manner of Yoga?

Manner of Yoga is a collaboration between friends and craftspeople working together to create yoga props and clothing of the finest quality. We believe anyone can enjoy the dedication and the bliss of a yoga practice, and we've made it our mission to help you discover, maintain, and be comfortable in your manner of living yoga

Yoga is in our DNA

We believe deeply that yoga is a way of living. Here at Manner of Yoga, we place the principles of yoga at the core of our business. Simplicity, clarity, balance and truthfulness are important to us.

We are mindful of the yogis using our props and yogawear, as well as the craftspeople we work with, the members of our team, and the environment that holds all us together. All aspects of our collection are produced in small quantities with great attention to detail to make sure we maintain the highest quality. Yoga inspires us to keep creating and sharing what we love! 

Props made with love

The props side of our business started when company co-founder and yoga teacher, Yael Rudman, asked Daniel Gerner: “Can you build me a yoga block?” Soon, owing to increasing requests from yoga and meditation practitioners, the handmade props in Daniel’s workshop are now made in larger facilities! We focus on envisioning, designing and distributing the ropes, straps and other props developed in our workshop. We design the meditation benches ourselves, to ensure your absolute comfort – even during extended sitting meditations. Our wall handles are welded and tested before we send them out, and our ropes are hand-tied, using a similar process to the one used in Pune, the home of Iyengar Yoga.

Fair-trade clothing line

Manner of Yoga's line of clothing is designed by our friends at Anjaly. Every item's unique cut stems from a deep understanding of the body in movement and rest during the yoga postures. With an intimate knowledge of fabrics and their qualities, our goal, along with Anjaly, is to design breathable and sturdy products for yoga and everyday wear. Using organic cotton, our collection offers a minimalist design with minimal detail. Every piece of our clothing ensures fluidity of movement. You can wear Manner of Yoga clothing on and off the mat. 

Gili Ravid, the owner and designer at Anjaly, says: “I believe that everything we do should be close to our heart and done lovingly at every stage and junction along the way, and always with deep respect for the environment.” All clothing items are produced by fair-trade factories in Portugal, Turkey and the West Bank.

Welcome to the family!

Our Manner of Yoga family is made up of yoga and meditation teachers and students, all of us with a deep appreciation and love for yoga. Our goal is to continue bringing quality yoga products to the yoga community around the world. We're delighted to welcome you into this space, and please do reach out to us if you need any assistance info@mannerofyoga.com

We’re dedicated to offering you an accessible and honest line of props and yogawear to support you in your personal Manner of Living Yoga.



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