Therapeutic Back Arch


The therapeutic back arch helps to alleviate back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, as well as spinal and asthma relief.

We've originally designed the therapeutic back arch is a therapeutic yoga prop meant to assist in opening the chest, upper back, lower back, neck, shoulders, and lungs.  It is compact and light to allow for easy movability and travel.  Our arch is made from the finest Scandinavian pine to assure top quality and longevity.  The strength of the wood will help the body align to a more correct physical posture and to increase blood circulation. 

The therapeutic back arch offers gentle and accurate support for the midline of the back. The erector spinae on either side of the spine can settle precisely to the pranayama arch to provide therapeutic pressure and slight movement for the muscle structure. By doing so, the chest can also be held open with little physical effort and strain.  Our unique and one of a kind design affords optimal support for the body while lying supine in Savasana or other restorative positions.

Another of our recommendations with our therapeutic back arch is a relaxed and novel breathing practice.  By finding a steady supine position, one can enhance a breathing technique to better provide the lungs and body with oxygen, assist with asthma conditions, or deepen a pranayama practice in a new manner.