Angled Turquoise Meditation Bench

$109.00 $79.00

Designed and crafted to give you absolute comfort during meditation, each bench is handmade from the finest Italian pine wood and varnished with an eco-friendly, water-based coat to assure durability. The foam cushion is built into the bench and covered with a 100% cotton fabric. 

Expertly crafted to better fit your body type and seating preference, you’ll feel your body settle naturally into an ergonomic posture. The bench’s foldable legs mean it travels well, and can be used as a kneeling Seiza bench as well as a more traditional pillow seat directly on the floor. The arched shape provides support for those who prefer a more static sitting position.

Our benches are made for all body types and ages, and in colors to suit your taste. Whether you’re looking to start a meditation practice or find a new way to sit zazen, we want our benches to be part of your journey.

When using a meditation bench:

- Settle onto the bench and take an extra moment to get as comfortable as possible. This way, you won't have to worry too much about readjusting during meditation.

- Try placing a towel or blanket under the bench so it won't move or slide on the floor.

- Be patient. Finding a comfortable meditative posture takes time. The more often you sit, though, the more your body will adjust and open.


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