Iyengar Inversion sling (Old model)

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The inversion sling can provide you with added options for hanging inversions.  This strap will allow anyone to reach headstand without putting weight onto the head or neck.  The strap should not be used as a swing.  Inversions and inverted postures have been a centerpiece of Yogic asana for generations.  The ancient Indian texts mention inversions as royal and majestic postures.  By using the strap and prolonging the inversion, one can provide great benefits for the body's sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.  To stay in each inversion properly and safely, one must continue to develop strength, flexibility, and stability through a steady and persistence practice.  Hanging inversions should be avoided for those with eye pressures issues and high blood pressure. 

It should be mentioned that this Yoga Hanging set is meant for experienced practitioners.  If used incorrectly injury or body misalignment can occur.  Please seek the help of a professional yoga practitioner, guide, or teacher before beginning the practice by oneself.  The sling should NOT be used as a swing. 

All of our products are handmade to assure durability and quality.  Be sure to check before each use that all ropes and handles are intact and secure.

Holds up to 180 pounds/80 kg

Inversion sling length: 420cm (half is 210) and adjustable